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02.04.2024 - New! LMT 4000 0-2V with stainless steel coil for DHW.

31.01.2024 - New! LMT 500 - 800 now with two 6/4" thread for 2 immersion heaters.

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LMG buffer tank model

Compact buffer tank LMG

  • Excellent for limited spaces
  • Top tapping shortened, 12 tappings in row
  • 300 to 10000l, 3-5 mm wall thickness
  • Max. 2 coils for solar and DHW
LMT buffer tank model

Enhanced buffer tank LMT

  • Volumes from 300 up to 10 000l
  • Up to 3 coils for DHW and other uses
  • Coil surface area up to 8.25 m²
  • DHW heating in stainless steel coil
LVT buffer tank model

Universal buffer tank LVT

  • Capacity from 300 up to 10000l
  • Up to 2 coils for solar or DHW
  • From 14 to 18 threads at 90° angle
  • DHW heating in stainless steel coil
LSX buffer tanks

Special LSX buffer tanks

  • Lower/Narrower dimensions for small spaces
  • Up to two coils
  • Possible SS coil for DHW
  • Many different tappings
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