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Leatherette jacket

Removable leatherette jacket (or cover) is made from high quality artifical leather with slide fastener under which you can use 100 mm insulation.

It's pretty easy to install and fits better than most "all-in-one" insulation solutions.

We can offer other special leatherette cover sizes if required.


Leatherette cover pricelist

Buffer tank type / Size (Width & Height) Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT
300l d500 (700x1900mm)£57.25£69.27
300l d550 (750x1500mm)£49.49£59.88
LVT 500 (850x1850mm)£64.76£78.36
LSX 500l d750 (950x1400mm)£56.31£68.14
500l (800x2000mm)£65.54£79.30
650l (900x2000mm)£72.07£87.20
LSX 700l d650 (850x2200mm)£74.73£90.42
LSX 750l d790 (1000x1600mm)£67.05£81.13
750l (950x2000mm)£75.98£91.94
LSX 800l d850 (1050x1600mm)£69.29£83.84
800l (1000x2000mm)£78.96£95.54
LSX 900l d750 (950x2200mm)£83.59£101.14
LMT 1000l d790 (1000x2300mm)£90.49£109.49
1000l d790 (1000x2200mm)£86.06£104.13
1000l d850 (1050x2050mm)£84.82£102.63
LSX 1000 d1000 (1200x1500mm)£76.70£92.81
1200l (1100x2000mm)£87.16£105.46
1500l d900 (1100x2400mm)£102.43£123.94
1500l d1000 (1200x2200mm)£103.17£124.84
LSX 1500l d1100 (1300x1750mm)£92.46£111.88
LSX 1750l d1000 (1200x2400mm)£112.77£136.45
LSX 2000l d1000 (1200x2650mm)£119.05£144.05
2000l (1300x2400mm)£119.17£144.20
LSX 2000l d1250 (1450x1850mm)£111.05£134.37
2500l d1250 (1450x2400mm)£129.51£156.71
3000l d1250 (1450x2700mm)£144.66£175.04
3000l d1400 (1600x2300 mm)£141.33£171.01
3000l d1600 (1800x1700 mm)£131.11£158.64
4000l d1400 (1600x2900 mm)£171.62£207.66
4000l d1600 (1800x2450 mm)£167.21£202.32
5000l (1800 x 2900mm)£192.79£233.28
10000l d1600 (1800x5300mm)£312.70£378.37
10000l d1800 (2000x4250mm)£295.47£357.52
10000l d2000 (2200x3600mm)£284.88£344.70

Last pricelist update: 21.5.2024.

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