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Buffer tank LM 1000 2V

Sorry, this type of buffer tanks is obsolote, and we have it only for information for current owners. We are able to produce this type as special one for extra charge, but why don't you try one of many other buffer tank types available.

  • Volume: 1000 l
  • Wall thickness: 3 mm
  • Bottoms thickness: 4-5 mm
  • 2x steel coil - heating surface area 2.0m²
  • 1x TPK heating flange*

Operational information

  • Working pressure: 3 bar
  • Pressure tested at: 5 bar
  • Filling: water
  • Operating temperature: 0-95°C

Tappings / threads

  • 3x BSP Female 1/2"
  • 1x BSP Female 1"
  • 5x BSP Female 1 1/4"
  • 4x BSP Male 1" (Coil Exchangers)

Cylinder properties

  • Outlets: 90-130 mm
  • Thread: DIN ISO 228-1
  • Basic materials:
  • Cylinder wall - S235J2G3 EN 10025
  • Cylinder round end plates - S235J2G3 EN 10025
  • Surface protection:
  • External protective coating
  • Internal surface - raw steel
  • Total weight: 224 kg

Availability & price

  • £444 inc. VAT
  • preorder
  • 5 years warranty

* Caution! Bottom flange is installed on this type optionally. Please inform us if you need this flange included on your tank.

Please click on the picture to pop-up bigger draw in new window.

Connection example

LM buffer tank connection scheme with 2 heat exchangers

flow boiler / female tapping BSP 5/4"
from heating system into buffer tank
return boiler / female tapping BSP 5/4"
back to buffer tank from heating system
air vent connection / female tapping BSP 1"
flow water from buffer tank
tank drain / female tapping BSP 5/4"
flow water into buffer tanks
Thermometer / sensor
female tapping BSP 1/2"
other / female tapping BSP 5/4"
other optional inlets and outlets
heating water flow / male tapping BSP 1"
water flow into heat exchanger
heating water return / male tapping BSP 1"
water return from heat exchanger
flange ⌀ 210 for electric heater installation
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