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We are trying to publish all relevant information systematically on this web page. Nevertheless, some questions about buffer tanks are repeated frequently. We thing it is better to write them down with answers at one place, so you can reach them instantly. We are pleased to answer any questions corssing your mind. Please visit our contact us page.

Buffer tank

What thickness your buffer tank have?

Wall thickness for buffer tank with sizes up to 2000 litres is 3 mm. Buffer tank bottoms regularly reach up to 4.5 mm. This thickness is suitable for 3 bar pressure steady use. Larger sizes are made from 4 mm wall.

I would need to position 1000 litres buffer tank, but I have only 80 mm width doorway to that place.

All 1000l buffer tanks except LSX types are available with 790 mm width. They are marked as for ex.: LMG 1000 d790 etc.

What are the differences between the LMG, LMT, LVT, LSX buffer tanks?

Particular types differs in number of outlets, their positioning on buffer tank and in overall dimensions of buffer tanks (height and diameter). LMT type is constructed solely for stainless steel coil module used for Hot water. If there are no complex circumstances in heating connections, in most cases the LMG or LSX buffer tanks are sufficient for heating system.

Do you produce special buffer tanks?

Our buffer tanks are made, more or less in series, therefore we prefer to produce one of our listed types. We will try to find the best solution for your needs, but in some cases we are able to manufacture also customized buffer tanks.

Do you offer horizontal buffer tanks?

We don't offer horizontal buffer tanks. Check please our lower LSX types. These are suitable for lower or narrow places.

What does the buffer tank stand on?

All our buffer tanks are equipped with it's own stand. Any special modifications or welldings is not necessary.

What warranty do you provide for your buffer tanks?

We provide 5 years warranty for all our buffer tanks.

What is the lifetime of your buffer tanks?

In the ideal conditions corrosion doesn't occur on buffer tank. Unfortunatelly, this is impossible to achieve in the real world. First of all, the buffer tank must be properly deareated. In case of professional connection to the heating system, the buffer tank can serve for 10 - 15 years.

Do you sell buffer tanks with copper coil exchanger?

We provide only buffer tanks with steel or stainless steel coil exchangers. For joining of steel coil and copper tube you can use a dielectric union.


How much will cost delivery of your buffer tank?

Delivery prices may vary, depending on buffer tank size, weight and place of delivery. Please contact us for more information.

There is a difficult terrain on place of delivery. Could it be a problem?

In most cases we use our 3.5t van for delivery to our end customers. However sometimes it is necessary to calculate the terrain conditions, including the shipment's weight and length of the van.

What lead time you have?

Our lead time for buffer tanks is from one day up to 3 weeks. In case of regularly used types, we can provide very short lead time between placed order and shipping of the buffer tank. The leading time can be longer during the heating season. It is a very good idea to place order as soon as possible to eliminate possible risks with unforeseen delays.


Do you offer any insulation solution for your buffer tanks?

Currently we provide jacket with zip fastener only. Under the jacket you can wrap wool insulation or other suitable insulation.

Can I use thicker insulation?

In case of thicker insulation we can provide jacket tailored to your needs.

Hot water

I would like to use the buffer tank also for a domestic hot water heating. Which buffer tank can you recommend me?

For a hot water heating we recommend the LMT type, which have a built-in stainless steel coil module with heat-delivery surface from 3.3m² to 5.1m².

What volume of hot water can be stored in the buffer tank?

Our buffer tanks are equipped by st. steel exchangers only, which works on a principle of heat flow. A heat-delivery surface of this exchanger is the key attribute. This size depends on the buffer tank size (in case of LMG, LVT and LSX types), or size of module (LMT). This information is available on product page of the buffer tank type and size.

Immersion heater

Is it possible to add an immersion heater to the buffer tank?

Our immersion heaters can be screwed into a G 6/4" thread. (on draws sometimes marked also as 1 1/2").

Is your immersion heater equipped with a thermostat?

Yes, all our immersion heaters are equipped with thermostat head for regulation and temperature control inside of the buffer tank.

Is there a space for immersion heater in the middle 6/4" thread on LMT type buffer tank? I'm not sure because of the large coil exchanger.

Yes, 6/4" thread in the middle of the buffer tank is suitable for the immersion heater, and coil exchanger is never in the way.

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