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Pricelist of LMG buffer tanks

Tappings in single row, up to 2 coils, additionaly 650 litres and 1200 litres volumes available

Pricelist of LMT buffer tanks

Tappings in two rows, one large stainless steel coil and up to 2 other coils

Pricelist of LVT buffer tanks

Tappings in 3 rows, up to 2 coils

Pricelist of LSX buffer tanks

Super low or narrow tanks with 0 up to 2 coils

Pricelist of accessories

- Immersion heaters, thermometers, manometers, thermomanometers and mixing valves

Pricelist of VLR & VLC expansion vessels

- For heating systems and DHW

Pricelist of plate exchangers

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