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Buffer tank insulation

We provide with our buffer tanks also efficient high-quality insulation consisting from PU foam and leatherette cover with zip fastener.

These two parts compose complete buffer tank insulation solution for our buffer tanks. You can buy them separately according to your needs.

We can provide complete insulation for other buffer tank sizes.

Installation guide

Simple installation method of insulation parts is illustrated on pictures below:


Complete PU foam isnulation with leatherette jacket pricelists according to buffer tank types are listed below.

For LMG buffer tanksErP RatingPrice ex. VATPrice with VAT
LMG 500£177.02£214.19
LMG 650£198.35£240.00
LMG 800£222.32£269.01
LMG 1000 d790£239.64£289.96
LMG 1000 d850£239.86£290.23
LMG 1200£245.74£297.35
LMG 1500 d900£290.11£351.03
LMG 1500 d1000£293.75£355.44
LMG 2000£324.01£392.05
For LMT buffer tanksErP RatingPrice ex. VATPrice with VAT
LMT 300£131.12£158.66
LMT 500£177.02£214.19
LMT 650£198.35£240.00
LMT 800£222.32£269.01
LMT 1000 d790£250.74£303.40
LMT 1000 d850£239.86£290.23
LMT 1500 d900£290.11£351.03
LMT 1500 d1000£293.75£355.44
LMT 2000£345.52£418.08
LMT 3000 d1250£428.98£519.07
LMT 3000 d1400£445.79£539.41
LMT 5000£575.92£696.86
For LSX buffer tanksErP RatingPrice ex. VATPrice with VAT
LSX 500 d750£156.28£189.10
LSX 700 d650£208.27£252.01
LSX 750 d790£189.04£228.74
LSX 800 d850£196.85£238.19
LSX 900 d750£232.73£281.60
LSX 1000 d1000£216.49£261.95
LSX 1500 d1100£269.21£325.74
LSX 1750 d1000£321.77£389.34
LSX 2000 d1000£343.62£415.78
LSX 2000 d1250£318.83£385.78
For LVT buffer tanksErP RatingPrice ex. VATPrice with VAT
LVT 300£163.76£198.15
LVT 500£177.34£214.58
LVT 750£210.01£254.11
LVT 1000 d790£245.05£296.51
LVT 1000 d850£239.86£290.23
LVT 1500 d900£290.11£351.03
LVT 1500 d1000£293.75£355.44
LVT 2000£345.52£418.08
LVT 3000 d1250£428.98£519.07
LVT 5000£575.92£696.86
LVT 10000 d1600£1,058.36£1,280.62
LVT 10000 d2000£940.84£1,138.42

Last pricelist update: 29.3.2024.

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