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Immersion heater ETK

Electrical immersion heater is used for heating or maintaining heated water in a buffer tank. It is an effective solution to convert electric energy from solar panels or other sources into the heating or DHW.

Parameters Value Photo
Working temperature 7-77 °C Immersion heater ETK
Material Brass
Thread BSP 1 1/2" (or 6/4")
Voltage 3-phase
Warranty 2 years

Immersion heater output

Type / power rate Supply Immersible part
ETK 2.4 kW 230 V 390 mm
ETK 2.4 kW 230 V 390 mm
ETK 3.0 kW 230V / 400V 390 mm
ETK 4.5 kW 230V / 400V 433 mm
ETK 6.0 kW 400V 528 mm
ETK 7.5 kW 400V 650 mm
ETK 9.0 kW 400V 770 mm

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