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Immersion heater ETK

Electrical immersion heater is be used for heating or maintaining heated water in a buffer tank. It is effective especially when you are allowed use excessing electric energy from solar panels or aerogenerator.

Parameters Value Photo
Working temperature 7-77 °C Immersion heater ETK
Material Brass
Thread BSP 6/4"
Voltage 3-phase
Warranty 2 years

Immersion heater output

Type / power rate Supply Immersible part
ETK 2.4 kW 230 V 203 mm
ETK 3.0 kW 230V / 400V 240 mm
ETK 4.5 kW 230V / 400V 333 mm
ETK 6.0 kW 400V 428 mm
ETK 7.5 kW 400V 520 mm
ETK 9.0 kW 400V 615 mm

Immersion heater draw

ETK immersion heater draw


A (Ø external part)112 mm
B (Ø external tapered part)96 mm
C (length of external part)107 mm
D (Ø immersible rod)38 mm
E (screwing part length)22 mm
L (immersible rod length)see outputs table above

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